Important Notice – Calling the Surgery

We are aware of an issue when some patients call the surgery and are instead put through to another company based in the local area, Unity Motors.

Our phone company is currently investigating this issue and we believe that it is affecting Talk Talk customers only (though this isn’t certain).

It appears to happen when Talk Talk customers call from a landline without dialling the 01932 area code. Our advice is for the moment to please call the whole number, 01932 336 880, when trying to contact the surgery.

If you have experienced this problem then please could you let us know, if you remember the date and rough time that would really help. In addition if you do or have experienced it and would be happy to report it to your phone company that would be very helpful in getting this resolved.

If you experience the same problem when using the area code, or aren’t a Talk Talk customer or are calling from a mobile phone please let us know.